Monday, October 26, 2009

Alcohol: A Blogger's Best Friend

Most people consider typing while drunk to be a challenge; a difficult yet amusing experience. Me? My introductory post was made while half drunk and I have tried for the last hour to come up with something interesting along the same tone as my first post, failing miserably each time I start. My conclusion is inevitable: this must only be a durnk blog… yes I typed that wrong… It seems appropriate to leave it in here particularly because the irony is that I’m not drunk.

Well, my idea for today focuses on a frustrating aspect of my life: That no one appears able to be on time to any event and everyone is afraid of any and all sickness, equating a snotty nose with life threatening illness. I take the opposite approach; plan to arrive on time if not early and only the very worst puking will keep me and my kid in quarantine. I’m sure this makes me very unpopular as well, particularly with the current Swine Flu panic in schools and “mom’s” clubs all over America but I simply can’t find it in myself to really give a damn. We did not get the seasonal flu jab, nor did we get the piggy flu vax either, terrible parenting on my part I’m certain (shock) but if we die, at least lots of people can say, “I told you so” and when Brat and I survive the season without illness, *I* will be the one saying “I told you so.” I suspect we will come out of the winter completely unscathed, as will 99% of the rest of the population who currently believe the piggy flu will wipe out most of the pregnant women and young children in the next 3 months (even though the regular flu kills more people each winter than this whole thing has caused in the last 12months). Who says logic is dead?

On another completely unrelated note, I have started applying for jobs in retail for the temporary xmas season. I’m hoping to get some work experience behind me before we leave here and start afresh (again) in California. Unfortunately, whenever I have applied for work before, I haven’t even got an interview and I have no idea why they wouldn’t even consider me… I know when I get into the interview I would be 100% in for the job (who couldn’t love me?!) but on paper I must look like I don’t need the work or something… who knows. Fingers crossed anyway. xXx

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  1. Overqualification. I can imagine that American retail workers are generally even more fuck-tarded than their British equivalent and they'd take one look at your CV, see that you can spell your name, and dismiss you. I hope that wasn't offensive to American retail workers ;)
    Anyway, I'm glad you're doing this. And I like the drunk-posting idea! Internet+alcohol = mucho funos.