Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Well after about 30mins trying to figure out how to log in here, I have decided I ought to come back more often to keep this account active *sigh* I know I suck.

I don't have much of importance to say today, however, I was finally called for an interview at walmart and might actually start a job by the end of the week. The house is still not sold, nothing else has changed and there's nothing new to really talk about. BUT.

One of my closest friends here in tiny nowhere Florida is my elderly german neighbour. She is fantastically bohemian (an artist) and liberal and generally just great to talk to. I introduced her (and through her half her family!) to the joys of Harry Enfield. After being late to meet her for an outing last week, I apologised profusely, citing my inability to pull myself away from youtube episodes of my favourite sketches, specifically the Kevin The Teenager sketches if you care, and laughed it off as silly nonsense from my growing up. She pushed for details and decided she would enjoy it so I sent the links and she told me today that she LOVES it. Furthermore, her friends and family also loved it! It feels good to be able to recommend something so fundamental to my sense of humour to someone who appreciates it as many of my american friends wouldn't necessarily "get it". however, despite being my favourite person to talk to here, she made me speak in German with her all around Walmart last week - loudly, because neither of us could stay together and we mostly couldn't remember the correct nouns for the foods we were searching (groceries are woefully lacking in the highschool and college exam prep!) so we sounded like morons slowly moving around, switching languages at will and laughing at the silly translations we could come up with. There was lengthy discussion on what "Steak" might be referred to as ("Steak" incidentally) as well as discussions about whether or not she should be referred to as Sie or Du. It was fun and made more so by the silly looks we received for such silly behaviour from two completely different weirdos :)

Also, if you want a laugh, go to peopleofwalmart.com and laugh at the outfits people choose. we were the bohemian crazy equivalent of this :) I'm sure I'll have more to stay once I get my job there... ;)

Later, Andy x

(haha get it? you're the only who knows about this! haha)

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